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Are products sold with or without VAT - GST?
  • No VAT or GST is added to the sales price.
Do I need to pay VAT, GST import taxes & tariffs
  • Most countries do not charge VAT, GST or import taxes on purchase below a certain value. However, depending on your country and the value of your order you might be obliged to pay taxes for importing. 
  • Every country has its own import regulations and restrictions, please contact your local customs if you wish more information about this topic. 
  • The total price of your order might be higher than you paid on this website. 
Who pays the VAT, GST import taxes & tariffs?  
  • It's the customer's responsibility to pay all import taxes, VAT, GST or other tariffs. 

Some general information

  • In most European countries you can import up to an amount of 22 euro without worrying about taxes and duties. 
  • Products shipped from outside the EU into the EU might be charged with VAT & import taxes.
  • When choosing super saver as the shipping option, please note that all above information applies.
  • Please contact us, before ordering if you want to know if the above information applies to your order.